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Harbor Scene
"Lincoln, Passages from Speeches and Letters"
Wedding invitation
Maple syrup container
Tudela - Wall Detail - Juderia
Yitzhak Navon
Silhouette of Auguste Victoria Klein
Juglet, red-slipped
Clamp shaped like scissors
Israel Exposition photograph: lines waiting to enter the hall
W-2 Form for Hedwig
Hedwig und Grete Sonnenchein portrait
War Service Certificate no. 230271 United States Navy
Announcement of offician name change from Lodz to Litmannstadt
Notes for prayer shawl
Book of poster stamps for The Universal Yeshivah of Jerusalem
Five adults with a child. Fanya Sagalowitch Katz, Dr. Joseph Katz
Worms Raschikapelle (11 Jahrhundert)
Side Mack
List view1 to 20 of 20  

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