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ORT will provide machines needed by craftsmen and artisans
Hebrew alphabet chart
Der Groiser Neuster Praktisher A[lef] B[eis]
Aller Neuster Vichtigster Alef Beis fur Kinder (The All New Most Essential Alef-Bet for Children)
Mein Alef-Beys (My Alef Beis)
Hebrew alphabet
A[lef] B[et] G[immel] Le-Yaldei Yisrael [ A, B C and 1, 2, 3]
Closet Doll - Hebrew Alphabet for Children
A[lef] B[et] Le-Tzeyer Be-Tzvaim (Alef Bet for coloring)
Reishit Limudim auder elementar-unterricht fuer di israelitische Jugend (The Beginning of Studies for Elementary Instruction of Israelite Children)
Alef-Bet en Lingua Ebraica (Lashon Ha-Kodesh)
Saba Alef-Bet
Otzar Ha-Limud Ha-Ivri
Ha-Safah Ha-Ivrit - Halek Rishon
Hebrew alphabet puzzle
Lehem Lefi Ha-Taf
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