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Torah Ark Curtain and valance
1975.054 Torah binder of Mordecai son of Isaac Shalit
Torah binder (wimpel) of Mordechai son of Yitzchak
Torah binder (wimpel) of Abraham son of Levi the Levite
Torah binder (wimpel) of Shmuel son of Mordechai
Torah binder (wimpel) of Yaakov son of Moshe Neuhaus
Torah binder (wimpel) Yaakov son of Tzvi the Cohen
Torah binder (wimpel) of Shlomo (Siegbert Weissman) son of Binyamin Weissman
Torah binder (wimpel) of Kalonymus (Kurt Heilbrunn) son of Yitzhak
Torah binder (wimpel) of Natan son of Avraham Dreichlinger
Torah binder (wimpel) of Yitzhak son of Avraham Rindsberg
Torah binder (wimpel) of Moshe (Manfred) son of Matityahu the Cohen
Torah binder (wimpel) of Yehudah (Kurt Rothschild) son of Naphtali
Torah binder (wimpel) of Dov (Bernd) son of Rabbi Yosef Arieh Schacter
Torah binder (wimpel) of Naphtali (Hans Werner Hirsch) son of Shmuel
Torah mantle
Torah Ark curtain
Torah mantle
Torah Ark curtain
Reader's desk cover
Reader's desk cover
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